Volunteering with the Salvation Army

11 October 2017

I currently volunteer as a Children's Worker at the Kids Club run by the Salvation Army in my local area.

SA LogoThis has been my first experience volunteering with children and with the organisation. I was referred to them by my employability adviser at East Renfrewshire council. I was very wary at first as I have been out of work for around 5 years and this was my first steps towards taking up a new career path working with children. I was terrified!

However, the people who work there and especially my mentor, have made me very welcome and the children have been amazing! I went from being terrified of going to being excited to be going there within a short time.

Volunteering feels like I am giving something back to society or paying it forward in life. It's only a couple of hours once a week but it's my time and I'm choosing to do it.

Also, I'm now looking for further opportunities to gradually build up my confidence and work on having a more regular routine doing things I enjoy, preparing myself for work. It's doing wonders for me, being able to set and achieve goals for myself and progressing along a path of my choosing.

That's what volunteering has been doing for me. It's definitely a two way street of giving and receiving.

When I started I decided "okay, just try this one time and see what it's like." Then I decided to keep going. I would encourage others to try volunteering. When you find the right opportunity for you, go for it! You have nothing to lose.

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