Care & Repair volunteer Marion

25 February 2016

Marion Allison, 63, volunteers as a Handyperson for Care and Repair North Lanarkshire.

Marion AllisonI have to admit that I didn’t know anything about Care and Repair until I read the little information leaflet, which had been left in my church by a Care and Repair speaker, who came to talk to a church group. 

I decided to apply as a volunteer because I enjoy doing small DIY jobs for myself and thought I could do that type of job for other people. I called the office and then went to meet some of the staff, tradesmen and other volunteers. After a period of induction and training and some work shadowing with one of the electricians, I got my first job! A lady needed some work done on kitchen cupboard doors. She was very pleased that I managed to put a door back on its hinges and so was I!

I have now been a handyperson for 2 years and I have done a variety of jobs from fitting new curtain poles to changing light bulbs. Some of these jobs might seem trivial and unimportant but they can be impossible tasks for elderly and disabled people and it is rewarding to see how much your work is appreciated. Even the smallest job can make a big difference to an older or disabled person’s life.

I would recommend this type of voluntary work to anyone who likes doing odd jobs and DIY. It has given me the chance to do something useful for my community and to meet some lovely clients, who are so grateful for the work that I have done for them. The Care and Repair office team and the tradesmen are very supportive and helpful and they are all committed to making this a very worthwhile, valuable service and I am proud to be a part of it.