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Training and Workshops

Increasing your knowledge of Volunteer Practice is very important to us - it’s what we do!

All of our Training and Workshops have been designed to help you make a positive impact on your volunteer programme and on the volunteers who freely give their time and expertise. These include:

  • Open University Courses – Free to access any time and therefore have no start/end date or time
  • Quality Standard Workshops – Free, 2 hour online workshops

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Quality Standard Information Workshop

In this FREE online information workshop we will explain and discuss the Quality Standards and the Quality Pipeline and provide you with more information on each product, standard and process and the explain the difference they can make to volunteers experience.

This workshop will help you make the right development step for your volunteer programme. All workshops will be delivered online (via zoom) and free to all attendees, however booking is required.

Note: This is an information workshop, you will not be required to sign up to a quality standard after this event.