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Inclusion in Volunteering

At Volunteer Scotland our aim is to promote inclusivity in volunteering on a national level. Our goal is to ensure that everyone has equal opportunities to volunteer in a manner that suits their preferences, with the necessary assistance to make it feasible.

In 2017, with Glasgow Disability Alliance, we founded the National Inclusion in Volunteering Group with the explicit goal of assisting individuals and volunteer organisations in becoming more inclusive with their opportunities.

By listening to people who experience exclusion from volunteering, the groups aim is to identify best practice to reduce barriers and enable all people to volunteer. We want to increase understanding by challenging stereotypes and assumptions, and by creating safe spaces for people to acknowledge uncertainty and exchange knowledge and skills. We will provide practical guidelines for both volunteers and volunteer managers, empowering individuals to make volunteering more inclusive. Our ultimate aim is to increase understanding and reduce barriers, enabling everyone to contribute to their communities through volunteering.

Our work also greatly contributes to the vision and goals of the Volunteering Action Plan. Many of the Plan Actions refer to and/or focus on many of the key issues our group has identified around inclusion in volunteering. Find out more about the Volunteering Action Plan here: volunteeringactionplan.co.uk

Current group members include:

If you would like to know more about our work, please contact us volunteerpractice@volunteerscotland.org.uk or join the conversation on twitter using #InclusiveVol