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Advertise Your Opportunities

Our philosophy is to promote volunteering opportunities as widely as possible.

Advertising your volunteering opportunities on our search site is free. There are two different ways you can advertise, Locally or Centrally.  Full details on each process is available below. To be listed on the opportunity search all opportunities must be based in Scotland and your organisation should aim to meet all principles of the Volunteer Charter before advertising.

Here's how you can advertise you opportunities

How volunteers apply for your opportunities

On each opportunity page there is a ‘I want to volunteer’ button for volunteers to register interest. Here they will complete a form and once submitted a notification email will be sent to the designated contact for the opportunity. It is the responsibility of the opportunity contact to respond to volunteer enquiries. Volunteer Scotland do not manage or respond to these on behalf of organisations.

Updating or Removing opportunities

Volunteer Scotland do not directly manage or advertise opportunities on behalf of organisations and are not responsible for the content of advertisements. The opportunities displayed in our opportunity search have been created and published either by local Volunteer Centres or by the organisations themselves via the Volunteering Zone. In order for opportunities to be updated or removed you need to contact the originating organisation that published the opportunity. Details of all local offices can be found here.

Alternatively you can click on the link for Report this opportunity on the opportunity detail page. If your opportunity was published using the Volunteering Zone you would need to contact the individual within your organisation that has access.