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Scottish Household Survey: Cross-Sectional Analysis

Volunteer Scotland analysed the 2016 Scottish Household Survey to explore the relationship between volunteering and a range of social indicators.

The presentations for this analysis will be updated every 4 years, with the next set in 2020. However, to provide data continuity in the intervening years the data tables and graphs will be available as Excel files under ‘related downloads’ – see right hand side of web page:

  • 2018 – cross-sectional analysis for both formal and informal volunteering (published 2020)
  • 2019 – cross-sectional analysis for formal volunteering only (published 2021)

Highlights report

This document provides a high level overview of the key findings from the Scottish Household Survey Volunteering Cross-Sectional analysis, 2016. The key statistical findings are presented as easy to understand, user-friendly infographics for each of the eight themes analysed.

Click to view the individual themed reports:

Caring Responsibilities

Volunteering participation for those with caring responsibilities, including analysis by weekly hours of care provided.

Community Engagement and Citizenship

Volunteering participation and its relationship with ‘belonging to a local area’ and community decision-making.


Volunteering participation for those that attend cultural events and participate in cultural activities. 

Health and Wellbeing

Volunteering participation and its relationship to general health, mental health, long-term health conditions and health behaviours.

Household Characteristics

Volunteering participation by household tenure, how long adults have lived in local area, homeowner status, household size, number of children, total household income and benefits income.

Internet, Marital Status and Health Board

Volunteering participation by Internet usage, marital status and Health Board.

Neighbourhood Characteristics

Volunteering participation and its relationship with ‘rate neighbourhood as a place to live’, neighbourhood engagement and green spaces.


Volunteering participation for those that participate in sporting activities, including the frequency of sports participation and frequency of visits to outdoors for recreation and sports.