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'What's changed: Now and in the future?' Mini Expo

‘Expos’ are about working together with sector leaders and volunteers to share research and insight to the changes and issues; it’s about working together to support each other.

In February 2020 we hosted the first of three Volunteering for All ‘Evidence Sessions’ where those with an interest in volunteering learned from the latest research and discussed ways in which they can use it to inform and transform their practice. View more from February’s event here. 

From the hosts of the Mini Expo:

"The mini-Expo was a really interesting event, and has definitely provided the Scottish Volunteering Forum with a lot of food for thought. As chair of the forum, one of my key reflections is that volunteer involving organisations have a lot to learn from mutual aid groups and the wider community response about mobilising volunteers and breaking down barriers. Another key take-away is the amazing profile of volunteering as a result of coronavirus, and our collective need to capitalise on this quickly to maintain momentum. The Scottish Government Volunteering for All outcomes framework provides an ideal foundation to progress this. The Scottish Volunteering Forum steering group are meeting soon to reflect further on what was discussed at the mini expo, and to discuss our role in ensuring that we learn from the challenges and opportunities that the Covid-19 pandemic has presented. Follow us on Twitter for further updates!"

"Volunteering for All, is our shared goal. Welcome to this new resource from the expos that we’ve been holding, starting with the major national event at the Gathering in February. In here we bring you the presentations, the videos, the research evidence, witness statements, expert panels, and breakout group conversations. I’m struck by both the science and the imagination that is being generated to bring about increased well being for our citizens and communities. Dr Toby Lowe’s wonderful presentation, captured in film and PowerPoint in here is a fantastic standout, and the evaluation identified his insights as the most significant for changing the way we think about working together. Since February, we’ve all experienced the shock of lockdown, and we’ve included the wonderful 12 short episodes of Radio V Good Morning, Volunteers! as an inspiration for us all, including poetry and sing. Enjoy!"

Below are the presentations from the Volunteering For All - Mini Expo Evidence Sessions:

Research Presentation

Witness Presentations

These 3 witness presentations give us a perspective on how volunteering has been affected by the COVID-19 crisis, from an organisation, TSI and local authority point of view. 

'Volunteering for All' Scottish Government Presentation

Catrina Steenberg from the Third Sector Unit and Ralph Throp from the Resilient Communities Team present “The National Picture – Volunteering for All Framework and Covid-19. How have volunteers made a difference to resilience and what are the challenges ahead?” 

Expert Panel

Our Expert Panel members present an International Perspective, reflect on Third Sector leadership as well discuss how funding might change in the future.