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Fair Funding is essential for sustainable volunteering

Volunteers’ Week is upon us and, for the past 40 years, has been a key opportunity to celebrate the contribution of volunteers across the country. Many volunteer-involving organisations will be busy hanging out the bunting, printing certificates, hosting tea parties or recognising the achievements of volunteers on social media.

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Volunteers as ‘Human Rights Defenders’?

Last week Volunteer Scotland responded to the consultation on the Human Rights Bill. It is a key priority for the Scottish Government to embed human rights into Scot’s law and build a ‘human rights culture’ in Scotland.

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Volunteers and the State – where does volunteering fit in 21st century Scotland?

Last week, Volunteer Scotland facilitated a Festival of Politics panel event exploring the relationship between volunteering and the state. Our CEO, Alan Stevenson, was joined on the panel by Sara Redmond from the Health and Social Care Alliance and Alan Sherry from the CLD Standards Council. The discussion was expertly chaired by Jeremy Balfour MSP who dared to ask some of the more thorny questions!

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Volunteering in a Shifting Skills Landscape

Widespread reform in Scotland’s education and skills landscape seems inevitable. The past few years have seen a raft of publications which all recommend seismic changes to Scotland’s education system, qualifications regime and post-school skills environment.

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Open Letter to next FM to prioritise volunteering

In this open letter to the three SNP leadership candidates, we reflect on the vital role of volunteering in achieving key Scottish Government priorties. We ask each candidate to prioritise volunteering if they are successful in becoming the SNP leader and our next First Minister.

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