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Cross Party Group on Volunteering

Volunteer Scotland is secretariat of the Scottish Parliament’s Cross-Party Group on Volunteering. The CPG involves members from all parties, sharing an interest in volunteering.

A cross-party group (CPG) provides regular opportunities to influence MSPs, and cross-sector stakeholders. The aims of this CPG, includes:

  • to raise awareness of volunteering across sectors and to increase participation rates in all its forms,
  • to ensure volunteering has a high profile in the Scottish Parliament and influences Scottish Government Policy,
  • to ensure opportunities for volunteering are recognised across all Scottish Government directorates,
  • to examine, and share research from Scotland, the UK and beyond,
  • to liaise and work with other CPGs to promote volunteering.

To become a member of the Cross Party Group on Volunteering contact, Margaret Starkie: margaret.starkie@volunteerscotland.org.uk

Margaret Starkie

VS Partnership and Communications Manager and Cross Party Group on Volunteering Secretariat

Key MSPs within the Membership include:

  • Foysol Choudhury MSP: Co-Convener, Scottish Labour
  • Jeremy Balfour MSP: Co-Convener, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party
  • Fulton MacGregor MSP: Deputy Convener, Scottish National Party


  • Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP: Member, Scottish Liberal Democrats
  • Miles Briggs MSP: Member, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party
  • Paul O’Kane MSP: Member, Scottish Labour


Non-MSP member organisations include: