Amie Blackaby's Testimonial

Volunteer Management - The Essentials 

Amie Blackaby talks about her experience at our most recent Essentials course. 

Hi, I’m Amie, the Volunteer Coordinator for NHS Borders, based at the Borders General Hospital in Melrose. My role is to work with departments to develop meaningful volunteer roles and provide support to areas currently engaging volunteers. We currently have around 105 active volunteers involved in a variety of exciting roles such as our Digital Stories Volunteers role it is to capture Palliative Care patients’ stories, memories and life histories. Or our Breastfeeding Peer Support Volunteers who inform and support pregnant women and breast feeding families in a variety of venues which may be in the home, in groups or in the hospital setting.

However, there is potential to extend our volunteering even further, which is why I attended Volunteer Scotland’s Volunteer Management – The Essentials course.  As I was new to the world of volunteering this was the ideal course for me as it covered the basics of why people choose to volunteer and worked through elements of the whole volunteer journey. 

I had only been in post 4 weeks before starting the course and now I am just over 3 months into my post. I feel the information I have taken away from the course has made a big difference to what I have been able to achieve in my role so far. The two areas that have been most valuable to me so far are understanding why people volunteer and being able to create roles that people will want to give up their free time for. 

The good thing about this course is that it provides you with information on so many different topics on volunteering you can pick and choose what you need whenever you need it! And you always have your resources to refer back to whenever you need to.

I also really enjoyed meeting people doing similar jobs as me in completely different sectors and organisations. Hearing what other areas are doing and where they are going with volunteering allows you to take away ideas for exploring in your organisation.  I liked the informal feel the course had, being able to stop and discuss issues and topics as they arose and being able to share information was really good.  The after lunch Haribo also went down very well! 


Amie Blackaby

Volunteer Coordinator

NHS Borders