The University of Stirling Students’ Union renew IiV

29 July 2015

The University of Stirling Students’ Union renewed their Investing in Volunteers accreditation in July 2015.

Over the past three years the Students’ Union has maintained and developed their volunteer management practice, despite organisational change, and the renewal assessment highlighted a commitment to volunteering throughout the organisation.

The Students’ Union exists to make students’ life at Stirling University the best that it can be by ensuring that decisions that affect the students have students’ voices guiding them. Through consultation, active campaigning and lobbying the decision-makers aim was to improve the students’ experience and opportunities whilst at Uni as well as after graduation.

Stiling Uni

The Students' Union operates day to day to provide support, advice and facilities with students in mind, involving close to 100 volunteers across various roles including a Fresher’s Week support team, Environmental Project volunteers, and part-time Executive Officers, elected by the student body.

During the assessment the volunteers talked about what they’ve gained from volunteering. One volunteer said,

“It has changed my uni experience, I’m really involved’s a chance to push myself and has given me confidence.”

It was clear that the volunteers are not only enjoying the opportunity to participate, but are also gaining skills, experience and knowledge through volunteering.

The volunteers are well supported in their roles, with staff and lead volunteers aware of the processes and procedures to follow to offer a good volunteering experience. The volunteers are given the opportunity to take on leadership roles within all teams and are able to share their ideas for further project work.
Staff are also supported to develop skills in managing volunteers; as a result of IiV, three members of staff from the Students’ Union are currently taking part in our Volunteer Management – The Essentials training.

Alban Dickson, Student Activities and Volunteer Coordinator said,

“Investing in Volunteers was a great opportunity for us to review, reflect and commit to our volunteering aspects for the next three years. The award itself is great, and will undoubtedly help us promote ourselves to current and prospective students, but what was perhaps most valuable was identifying what we are doing well and where we can improve. For example, we identified a need to develop our staff and have been able to put three colleagues forward for the Volunteer Management course offered by Volunteer Scotland. The assessment process was really insightful, giving us a different perspective on what we presently offer and where we can go from here.”

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