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13th May 2024

VSDS Customer Survey – Results

In early February, we invited our signatories to take part in our Customer Survey, which aimed to assess the service we provided over the past 12 months. We are grateful to everyone who participated as we received an excellent response.

The feedback provided is invaluable in helping us enhance and refine our services to better meet your needs. We are committed to continuously improving and aligning our efforts with what works best for our customers.

Overall, the survey feedback shows that we have performed well in our main functional areas: Enrolment and Assessment, Disclosure Applications, Customer Operations, Training, Support Visits, Website and Communications, and PVG Knowledge.

Some highlights identified include:

  • Initial engagement with Disclosure Services has been strong, particularly during the signatory enrolment process. Lead signatories have provided positive feedback about their enrolment calls and welcome packs, while additional signatories praised the welcome packs.
  • Most respondents found the online application process straightforward (‘Very easy’ or ‘Somewhat easy’) and were satisfied with the processing time (‘Very satisfied’ or ‘Somewhat satisfied’).
  • Customer operations communication channels, including the helpline, webchat, and email, were rated as helpful (‘Extremely helpful’ or ‘Somewhat helpful’) by most respondents.
  • Nearly all respondents (99%) who attended training in the past year found it informative, with 83% rating it as ‘Extremely informative’ and 16% as ‘Somewhat informative’. Additionally, 54% reported a significant increase in confidence after the training, moving from a lower rating to ‘Extremely helpful’.
  • All five types of support visits (covering roles as a signatory, duty to refer, certificate process, disclosure application process, and regulated work) were considered ‘Extremely helpful’ by at least 82% of respondents.
  • The website was easy to navigate and the information in the Disclosure Services section impactful, complemented by a helpful newsletter, according to most respondents.
  • Most respondents confirmed they have relevant disclosure policies in place (Making a Referral policy; Child and Adult Protection Policies; Policies dealing with barred individuals; and Secure Handling policies) and feel confident in implementing these policies effectively.

Some of the areas for improvement identified include system enhancements for a more user-friendly application process and improved tracking capabilities. To read our full summary and report please click the button below.