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2nd March 2023

Returning to the training room – we hope to see you there!

In the last week we announced the return of our face-to-face training.

In 2020, like most organisations, we had to quickly adapt and change the way we supported groups and organisations in their volunteer practice learning journey. Within days we moved our support and delivery to solely online – who would have thought this would have lasted three years.

Although online delivery has been an enjoyable experience, learning curve and opportunity for us to meet and support learners from across the world, online learning just does not offer what in-person training can.

We know there are many benefits to online sessions, like not having to leave your desk, minimal to no travel requirements but nothing compares to the learning environment and impact of being in the room training.  The benefits we see from our face-to-face training include; the ability to cover more content and examples of volunteer practice; more opportunity for learners to network with likeminded individuals and experienced trainers; less distraction; more learning time; more interactive sessions and, these sessions are just more fun and enjoyable for us and you. But do not just take our word for it, previous learners from our training have said;

Allana Fotheringham, Volunteer Practice Manager

“I feel more confident, as a result of the training, to provide effective and appropriate support to our volunteers. I also feel more confident about calling upon my organisation to fulfill their duty of care towards our volunteers.”

“Thanks as always to Volunteer Scotland who deliver these invaluable sessions in my opinion, they are always informative and engaging and as a volunteer coordinator in an organisation, these provide me with a practitioner network and opportunity to get guidance.”

“Volunteer Scotland always give me motivation to tackle new ideas and to think outside the box.”

“Great structured programme well-paced and expertly facilitated. Has given me an opportunity to go away and consider/take first steps to change and influence those necessary.”

We have updated and adapted our previous face-to-face courses and interactive learning bite topics to create a programme that covers areas and themes we know are important and relevant to our customers.   

There are eight courses available with topics ranging from ‘Developing Volunteer Practice,’ a 3 day in depth look at everything you need to know from involving volunteers to creating positive endings for volunteers, to ‘Volunteers Mental Wellbeing’, a 1-day course covering the importance of understanding mental wellbeing and how to effectively support volunteers. (Full course list available on our website here)

Each of our courses are facilitated by experienced trainers with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the voluntary sector. With a combined total of 80+ years’ experience, we know that our training team can provide you with all the knowledge, support and understanding you will need to be a great volunteer leader.

At Volunteer Scotland, our collective mission is to create a Scotland where everyone can volunteer, more often, and throughout their lives. We believe that volunteering should be an enjoyable, rewarding and fulfilling experience for every volunteer. To support that mission, we have created a training programme to support organisations and groups and provide them with the tools and skills they need to ensure all volunteers have a great experience from start to finish.

Join us in the training room from April.