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22th February 2023

Return of Face-to-Face training

After a few years of online learning only, we're excited to return to the training room from April to provide a more in depth and personal learning experience for customers.

Our decision to return to the training room wasn’t an easy one. We know there are many benefits to online sessions, but nothing compares to the learning environment and impact being in the room training. Benefits we see from our face-to-face training include:

  • Ability to cover more content and examples.
  • More opportunity to network, share practice and experiences.
  • Less distraction.
  • More learning time.
  • More commitment.
  • More interactive.
  • More fun and enjoyable!

Previous learners from our face-to-face training sessions have said:

“Wonderful! All of the courses have been superb. Really informative, interesting and relevant. Great networking and peer support. Trainer is a fantastic trainer and always reminds us that we're not alone we've got support in our roles as leaders and encourages us to have conversations about volunteering within our organisations.”

“Absolutely fantastic session, great facilitator and their method of delivery is very engaging and straightforward which I like, they use own experience and articulates issues really well. I really feel these sessions, benefit me so much as a sole volunteer coordinator in my organisation.”

Courses available are: 

  • Developing Volunteer Practice (Three-day course split across six weeks)
  • Effective Leadership in Volunteering (Two-day course split across two weeks)
  • Building Positive Staff and Volunteer Relations
  • Developing a Volunteer Culture
  • Developing a Volunteer Strategy
  • Supporting Volunteers
  • Volunteer Change Management
  • Volunteers Mental Wellbeing

Each quarter we’ll also host an online session with a different topic each time.  

All courses take place at the Volunteer Scotland office in Stirling and run from 10am – 4pm with lunch provided. The cost of each session is determined by your organisation’s annual income.

“We feel it’s the right time to return to face-to-face training, as much as we have enjoyed the online learning experience, we feel it’s just not the same as being face to face in the training room learning together, in the training room we can cover more content, dive deeper into each topic and share more examples. We also miss the networking and valuable conversations over a cup of tea and at lunch, and the fun we use to have with our interactive learning.”

We will continue to provide self-directed training courses accessed via the Open University online portal.