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Knowledge Event: Re-thinking Volunteer Recruitment

Date: 23rd May 2024
Time: 10am - 11.30am
Cost: FREE
Location: Online, via Zoom
Speaker: Martin Cowling

About the Event

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the landscape of volunteering is undergoing a transformation. Are you ready to seize the opportunity and engage a new wave of volunteers effectively?

This dynamic and engaging seminar is designed to equip your organisation with the insights and practical tools to attract, engage, and retain dedicated volunteers who will drive your mission forward.  Your organisation will walk away with actionable tips and insights to attract and retain volunteers in the current volunteering landscape.

About Martin Cowling

Martin Cowling is a skilled presenter who has spoken at conferences across Australia and in sixteen countries. Philanthropy 101 ranked him as one of the top 100 speakers on philanthropy. He has lectured at Universities in Asia, Australia, the US and Middle East on Civil engagement, NGOs and Volunteering, and has worked with LaTrobe University on research into volunteerism. He has written over 200 articles, research papers, blog posts and book chapters on the subjects of leadership, change in organisations, community engagement and volunteering.

Spaces are limited for this event so we advise that you book quickly!