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21st November 2023

International Volunteer Day 2023

Celebrated annually on 5th December, #IVD2023 is an occasion to pay tribute to volunteers worldwide and recognise volunteerism's value in advancing peace and development.

The campaign theme for 2023 is “If Everyone did…”

The main message for the 2023 campaign focuses on collective action – if everyone volunteered the world would be a better place. There would be limitless possibilities for sustainable development – food and education for everyone, clean environment and good health, inclusive and peaceful societies, and more. Volunteerism is an enormous renewable resource for social, economic and environmental problem-solving throughout the world. 

This year’s IVD is a celebration of volunteerism while highlighting the ‘if’ to motivate everyone to do the same. In addition, ‘Everyone’ is central. Person-to-person interaction is also key. Working together. Sharing. Giving. Contributing. Supporting. Imagine if everyone joined this momentum. And if everyone did – what would the world be.

Join us in recognising volunteers all over the world via social media, using the hashtags #IfEveryoneDid and #IVD2023