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18th January 2022

E-Certificates - understanding the new process

On 1st December 2022, email certificates were introduced. Here's how the process has changed.

In 2022 Disclosure Scotland continued development of their digital services by issuing most PVG disclosure certificates by email. To align with this change in process in the wider sector, Volunteer Scotland Disclosure Service (VSDS) began the implementation of email certificates to our customers in late November/early December. Email certificates allows for a an overall quicker turnaround time, so customers get their results quicker.

The layout of the new e-certificate is different from the previously printed certificate. Below we have highlighted the two areas of Page 1 of the e-certificate that have raised questions from customers. 

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Highlighted in red on the image:

1. The certificate will always be addressed to the VSDS Counter Signatory. That means the ‘Dear…’ text at the top of the certificate will be the name of a VSDS team member.

2. You will only receive a paper certificate if there is additional information on your certificate.

Additional Notes:

  • Email certificates will not include the organisation name or the position applied for.
  • Certificates for standard and enhanced disclosures will continue to be issued by post.