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7th March 2023

Disclosure Scotland Fees – Update and Next Steps

We’ve now had an excellent discussion with Disclosure Scotland (DS) on the fee waiver and discounts consultation (provided by Scottish Ministers) and the issues it raises for volunteering.

We have strong opinions about some options presented – and the team at DS welcome all responses.

It’s therefore important that your views are reflected in this consultation in full.

Based on the comments we’ve received already, we see this consultation as a great opportunity to have your say, stimulate debate, re-evaluate (and perhaps double down on) long-held positions and reinforce our shared values. For us that’s around reducing (not increasing) barriers to volunteering at this time.

Over the next few weeks we intend to:

  • send regular communications and reminders to respond.
  • work within our Policy Champions Network to capture responses. You can join this group here
  • compile a response reflecting the views of volunteers and volunteer involving organisations in particular. 
  • keep in touch with our colleagues at DS around what we’re hearing in relation to volunteering.

We are clearly supportive of this consultation and the debate it stimulates.

Right now, we encourage everyone to read the consultation in full Disclosure Scotland Fees Consultation and get in touch in the ways indicated above.

Disclosure Scotland are also offering short workshops to review the proposals laid out in the consultation, giving you the opportunity to give your feedback and highlight what should be considered.

If you’re interested in attending any of these sessions please contact the Disclosure Scotland Events Team via email: dsworkshop@disclosurescotland.gov.scot

We’ll be in touch.

Alan Stevenson,
Volunteer Scotland CEO

If you would like more information on the response contact us via email at marketingandcomms@volunteerscotland.org.uk