John, Quarriers Mavisbank Service Volunteer

1 June 2018

Quarriers Mavisbank Service in Glasgow offers a flexible respite service. They provide individualised support for adults with a learning disability either in their residential/short stay setting or through flexible respite provided at home or on a short break.

JohnJohn, who is supported by Quarriers Mavisbank Service, has been volunteering since 2014. This is what Michelle Blair, Interim Project Manager had to say.

John has been supported by Quarriers Mavisbank Service since 2008 and was always eager to help around the service. John applied to become a volunteer within the service and has been doing so since June 2014.

John volunteers between 10am -1pm every Monday and Friday which are our busy days with people we support leaving in the morning and arriving in the afternoon. This is a big help to the service as every room needs to be deep cleaned on these days.

John helps the Domestic Worker with a variety of tasks including putting rubbish out, mopping the floors, emptying the dishwasher and helping with recycling. John also helps to change light bulbs (he’s tall) and assists with ordering supplies like soap powder, floor cleaner and rubber gloves.

John is also excellent when it comes to DIY. He has recently built seven sets of bedside drawers, seven bathroom cabinets and two shelving units, without the need to read the instructions. He also assists to build items I have purchased for the office and manages to do this within minutes whereas it would take me much longer.

John is a very obliging young man and his help and assistance throughout the project is greatly appreciated.


John 2John says “I wanted to volunteer to get me out of the house. I like to be busy, and I think it is a chance to meet new people. I like to volunteer because I enjoy being a team member.

I volunteer in Mavisbank as the handy man and cleaner. I do the mopping, empty the dishwasher and I like being the handyman. I really enjoy building any new furniture.

I also volunteer for a club called Urban Fox, which is for school children. They go to the club in the evening, and I help out in any way I can to make sure the children have a good time.

The thing I enjoy most about volunteering is getting out of the house and meeting people. I think I have made a difference by making people happy and that the children return to the group because of me.

Being a volunteer at Quarriers has given me the confidence to go on the bus. I have also learned where lots of buses go to. I would encourage other people to volunteer because volunteering helps you to get to know people. And it has helped me become part of a team. Volunteering has helped me with my independence.