#iwill ambassador Rachael

16 November 2020

My volunteering journey started six years ago, it began by attending my local youth forum, leading into five years of being involved in the Highland Youth Parliament.  

Rachael iwill volunteerNow my days are filled with more social action by speaking out about the importance of understanding society from the point of view of young people who may feel excluded from youth voice platforms, or those who need a bit of extra support to find their voice. Originally, I began going to a youth forum simply for something to do, to try and become a bit more social, I was a quiet teenager. Over time I began to recognise the power of my voice, how change only came about when people spoke up.

Now volunteering just is a way of life for me. Throughout the past year, I’ve been thinking about my future, about who I want to be, and the only thing I’m absolutely clear on is that I want volunteering to remain in my life. This is down to everything I’ve got out of my volunteering experiences over the past few years. The opportunities I’ve had and the people I’ve met have really highlighted the ‘bigger picture to me’.

The double benefit of volunteering is something I love, while I get the chance to meet new people, follow my passions and build myself, I’m also helping others find their own paths in the world, something that its both humbling and truly magical.

Recently, I started a job as a Volunteer Coordinator for a Highland based charity and it’s incredible being able to share my love of volunteering with a variety of people. The best thing is every day I learn something new from them that I plan to keep in mind during my own volunteering involvement with the #Iwill Campaign and highlighting why youth volunteering is something incredibly special.

If you’re considering getting into volunteering but aren’t too sure, my advice is to go for it! Reach out to organisations, clubs or groups and see what’s out there, there truly is something for everyone. Every opportunity out there is unique and potentially life changing. I found my place in volunteering and hope you can find yours.