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6 April 2018
Volunteer Story, 2018, Youth and Children, Health and Disability, The Elderly

"I was very impressed with what I found out about Home Link Family Support, and interested in its policy of matching a volunteer with a family for a year. I felt this was a very good idea, unusual and probably very beneficial to the family."

18 December 2017
Volunteer Story, 2017, December, Local Community

Eilidh Wynd, 18, Student at Stirling University and Volunteer at Start Up Stirling. "It’s the most wonderful time of the year, with the donations growing and smiles are all showing, we spread our good cheer, for it’s the most wonderful time of the year." Read more >

11 October 2017
Volunteer Story, 2017, October, Youth and Children

I currently volunteer as a Children's Worker at the Kids Club run by the Salvation Army in my local area. This has been my first experience volunteering with children and with the organisation. Read more >

10 October 2017
Volunteer Story, 2017, October

When I left university, like many graduates I found myself in a state of complete confusion around what I wanted to and where I wanted to go. Having worked in the Scottish Parliament during my studies, I had a taste for politics and trying to understand the function of government.

26 July 2017
Volunteer Story, 2017, July, Youth and Children

I know you’re supposed to say this, but I really do love working with people. Place2Be works in 280-something schools across the UK and I got a chance to be in 4 of them, all of which had slightly different needs and expectations for the service.

3 July 2017
Volunteer Story, 2017, June, Arts and Culture

At the beginning of this year, Edinburgh based artist and Shaw Trust volunteer Carol Le Lievre ran an eight week art workshop for Shaw Trust customers in Edinburgh.

7 June 2017
Volunteer Story, 2017, June, Health and Disability, Youth and Children

Kim Martin is one of CHAS' brilliant volunteers, and here she talks about her role as Nursing Support Volunteer and the joy of being part of the team that gives families the best possible care when they visit Rachel House

3 April 2017
Volunteer Story, April, 2017, The Elderly, Local Community, Health and Disability

Recently, two members of staff from Volunteer Scotland, receptionists Christine & Gemma, volunteered at local charity Food Train.

28 February 2017
Volunteer Story, February, 2017, Youth and Children

Lauren Birney, Boys Brigade volunteer, shared her story as part of Student Volunteers Week 2017.

3 February 2017
Volunteer Story, 2017, Event volunteering, February, Sports and Outdoor Activities

We keep saying and it and don’t tire of saying it: the sport of athletics can’t survive without the assistance of our dedicated Officials and volunteers.