Being a member of the PVG scheme

Responsibilities of Scheme members

You have joined the PVG Scheme to work with children OR protected adults OR both. This will be shown on your Statement of Scheme membership.

You should keep your certificate safe. You will need it if you do regulated work with another organisation in the future. 

You may want to keep a separate note of your PVG Scheme membership number, it is on your certificate. Format : XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX

Now that you are a member of the Scheme, you should only apply for disclosure checks in the future using the “Existing PVG Scheme Member” application form. You will need to enter your PVG Scheme membership number each time you complete this form. 

The Scheme is administered by Disclosure Scotland and therefore you need to keep Disclosure Scotland informed of changes in your circumstances: 

  • If you change address, you should notify Disclosure Scotland in writing. You will need to quote your PVG Scheme Membership Number to do this.

  • If you change your name OR your gender, you MUST notify Disclosure Scotland. It is an offence not to do so.

  • If you stop working or volunteering for an organisation which has done a PVG check on you, you should notify Disclosure Scotland. You can find out how to do this at:

If you wish to appeal against information shown on your disclosure certificate, you can find out how to do this at:

Contact details for Disclosure Scotland:

Disclosure Scotland
PO Box 250
G51 1YU
Phone: 03000 2000 40