VSDS Virtual drop-in sessions

Volunteer Scotland Disclosure Services are looking at alternative ways to communicate with you. 

DS Q&AAt this time, we do not have our normal telephone helpline available as we are not working in our office. So we're giving you the opportunity to join our virtual drop-in sessions via video chat (zoom) with one of our Training and Compliance Officers.  

The purpose of these sessions is to give you the opportunity to ask any PVG related questions you might have at this time, including questions on the new Online PVG Application Service

When: Tuesday and Thursday
Time: 11.30am - 12.30pm
Where: Zoom

Please note: This is an open session that anyone can join or leave at any time and is for general questions only. You must not discuss any confidential information during these sessions, we will not be able to answer queries about any specific cases or applications.  

You can join the session from any device. If you have audio and video, you can use them if you wish, if not, there's a chat function which you can use to ask your questions.  Please ensure you have your volume turned on or you won't hear the answer to your question. Anyone who is unable to join (due to your security settings) you can still email your queries to disclosures@volunteerscotland.org.uk as normal.

We understand that there may be some concerns around someone joining the session with the sole intent of being disruptive or sharing inappropriate information.  It will not be possible for participants to take control of the meeting and share inappropriate video content and you should not click on any links given in the chat function unless they are shared by our staff.


Zoom session only available to join on Tuesday or Thursday from 11.30am - 12.30pm