PVG and Signatory training

This course is for signatories enrolled with Disclosure Services and will cover everything you need to know to act as a signatory, with an introduction to the PVG legislation. 

  • What it means to be a signatory;
  • Forms and certificates;
  • The PVG Scheme;
  • Regulated work;
  • Referrals – understanding your legal obligations under the PVG legislation;
  • The implications of retrospective checking;
  • PVG in context – good recruitment and management practice.

When will it run?

All face-to-face PVG & Signatory Training has been cancelled until further notice. As an alternative, we have expanded our range of online sessions available.

Where will it run?

All PVG & Signatory training runs from 10am - 4pm at the Volunteer Scotland office in Stirling. For directions to our office click here.