Young People and Volunteering in Scotland 2014

We've carried out a survey to find out about young people’s involvement and future interest in volunteering

High level summary of survey evidence


Full Report



Over the years, there's been increasing interest in the role and value of volunteering to help Scotland’s young people harness their social and economic potential. Yet, we know far less about young people’s involvement or interest in volunteering compared to other parts of the population.

Although the Scottish Household Survey provides a partial picture of volunteering among young people over the age of 16, there is no similar mechanism to collect consistent, nationally representative data on volunteering and young people aged below 16.

There have been a number of discrete studies carried out across the UK, with few focusing on Scotland. In 2009, we surveyed young people (aged 11-25 years) through Youthlink’s Being Young in Scotland Survey and found that there was room for improving how young people defined, engaged in, and were supported to engage in volunteering. Also in 2009 we saw the implementation of the Curriculum for Excellence which placed volunteering as a way to help young people be ‘responsible citizens’ and ‘effective contributors’.