Volunteering in Edinburgh

Summary of the latest statistics from the Scottish Household Survey (2018)

Volunteering - formally and informally

51% of adults in Edinburgh have volunteered - that's around 211k people. This overall figure combines those who've volunteered formally (providing unpaid help through an organisation or group) with those who've volunteered informally (helping someone who is not a friend or relative) in the last year. This is above the national average of 48%.

Adults, Base: 780

In 2018 in Edinburgh, formal and informal volunteers contributed


of help providing

£522 MILLION(b)

to the local economy

17m formal volunteering hours and 16m informal volunteering hours (numbers have been rounded to the nearest half a million or 500,000.
(b) £267m from formal volunteering and £255m from informal volunteering (numbers have been rounded to the nearest million or 1,000,000.

Note: Data on the economic value of volunteering is only available on a 2 year basis.

Scottish Household Survey Data: Due to the small sample sizes for each local authority there can be large variability in SHS volunteering data year-on-year. Care should therefore be taken in the use and interpretation of participation rates, hours’ volunteered and economic values.