Inclusive Volunteering

Volunteer Scotland is leading work to encourage greater inclusion in volunteering.

We’d like to see equality of opportunity for all people to volunteer in ways that are right for them, with the support that each person needs to make volunteering possible.

In 2017 we formed a national strategic group for inclusion in volunteering, with the following organisations:

By listening to people who experience exclusion from volunteering, we will identify best practice to reduce barriers and enable all people to volunteer. We will increase understanding by challenging stereotypes and assumptions, and by creating safe spaces for people to acknowledge uncertainty and exchange knowledge and skills.

Our approach will identify common themes from many groups, with a focus on enabling each individual to volunteer. We will create and share resources, including practical guidelines for volunteers and volunteer managers, encouraging and empowering people to make volunteering more inclusive.

If you would like to know more about our work, please contact us or join the conversation using #InclusiveVol on twitter.