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  • Automatic Consideration for Listing

    A person who is convicted of any of the so-called "relevant offences" set out in schedule 1 of the PVG Act will automatically be placed under consideration for listing in the children's list.
    There is no equivalent automatic consideration for listing in the adults list, where each case will be treated on an individual basis.


  • Automatic Listing

    A person who is convicted of any of the serious offences set out on the Order made under section 14 of the PVG Act will be automatically included in both the children’s and adults lists, without the right to make representation or to appeal the listing.

  • Care Inspectorate

    Care Inspectorate regulate and inspect care services.

  • Child (children)

    A child is a young person under the age of 18.  Please refer to the document ‘Checklist Children’ in the resources section of our website for full details of the activities that would bring someone into regulated work with children.

  • Civil Orders

    Civil orders are orders made by a court under civil, rather than criminal, proceedings and are usually designed to prevent some future offending or harm to others.

  • Code of Practice

    The code of practice provides information, advice, guidance and instructions to those that are accessing disclosure checks. It should be used to determine how you operate within the disclosure checking process. Available to download here

  • Consideration for Listing

    The process of determining whether an individual is unsuitable to work with children and/or protected adults.

  • Continuous Updating

    Once an individual becomes a member of the PVG Scheme, Disclosure Scotland will add any new vetting information to their scheme record as and when it arises, rather than simply collating information whenever a disclosure needs to be issued.