PVG and Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Disclosure Scotland and VSDS will continue to prioritise checks for coronavirus (COVID-19) volunteers.

Before continuing with the 'COVID-19 Response Application Process', please ensure your role takes place in one of the following 'Qualifying Sectors' and meets all of the 'Criteria' points. If it does not then please follow the digital routine application process.

Qualifying Sectors:

  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Childcare
  • Social work
  • Social care
  • Prisons and justice
  • Befriending
  • Early years, primary and secondary education

For the full list of qualifying sectors please see Disclosure Scotlands website here.

With the situation developing and evolving, the list of prioritised sectors will continue to be reviewed and may change as other areas are identified with roles critical to supporting the Scottish Government at this time. If you have any questions or queries in relation to whether or not your organisation/group and the activities you are currently undertaking are classed as qualifying please contact VSDS via disclosures@volunteerscotland.org.uk


A coronavirus response worker is someone:

  • who only needs a disclosure because of their coronavirus work
  • working in a qualifying sector
  • in a role only supporting the response to coronavirus

You must meet all 3 criteria points.

To get a free Covid-19 disclosure, the vacancy has to exist because of coronavirus and only to respond to it. If you needed someone in that role anyway for work not normally about coronavirus, you will still need to pay.


COVID-19 Response Application Process:

Step 1: Complete the relevant form
Click to download the relevant form: Updated: 13/10/20
Step 2: Include this information in the email

When you are ready to submit your application form by email, please include 'COVID-19 Response Application' in the subject heading and within the body of the email the following information:

  • Organisation Name (and AA code or security information)
  • Signatory Name (and signatory code or security information)
  • Signatory Email 
  • Position Applied For
Step 3: Submit your application(s)

Forms in Word format should be attached to the email. Completed application forms should be submitted to disclosures@volunteerscotland.org.uk

Submit application form(s) here

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Fee Waiver

All fees for key workers who are being drafted to help Scotland fight against coronavirus have been temporarily suspended by Disclosure Scotland. Volunteers in qualifying voluntary organisations remain entitled to access a fee waiver check but this has now been extended to cover all paid members of staff who are entitled to access a priority application. As all priority applications qualify for the fee waiver there is no payment section on the amended online forms.

Fees will continue to be waived for these priority volunteers until March 2022.

Important to remember

You do not need to wait until you receive your certificate, you can place people in their role while you wait for the PVG. You should consider the risk involved in starting people before the PVG is received and look at whether any additional safeguarding (such as closer supervision) is an option. 

Enrolling your organisation

If you need to enrol your organisation or are already enrolled with us and wish to change any of your enrolment details, please email us disclosures@volunteerscotland.org.uk