Online PVG Application Service

The Online PVG Application Service allows applications to be submitted more efficiently and accurately.

There are many benefits to the new online service including a quicker over all application process. The new process cuts down admin time for both the Organisation and the Applicant and eliminates the need for multiple downloads each. Users will also experience a quicker turnaround time from start to finish i.e you will receive your certificate much quicker than before!  To begin the process follow the information detailed below.


PVG Guidance Cover

Download the Guidance Pack:

The Guidance Pack details the 5 stages highlighted below. All organisations should read through the guidance pack and familiarise themselves with the full process before submitting their request form. The stages of the new process are as follows: 

  • Stage 1: Completion of Online Application Request Form (Organisation)
  • Stage 2: Submitting the Online Application Request Form (Organisation)
  • Stage 3: Payment information (Organisation)
  • Stage 4: Submitting the Online Application (VSDS)
  • Stage 5: Completion of Application Online (Applicant)

Download Guidance Pack

Last updated: 14th September 2021


Download the Online Application Request Form:

As detailed in the Guidance pack, to begin the application process you need to download and complete the Online Application Request Form and return via email to VSDS at

Your email subject heading should be 'Online Application(s)' or 'Online Covid-19 Application(s)' You must also enter the number of application requests in the email header (e.g Online Applications X 7).

You cannot submit the new Online PVG applications and Online Covid–19 applications together, please separate these on different application request templates and email them separately.

Download Online Application Request Form


Important Note - Police Act Applications: 

The Online PVG Application Service does not support the Standard or Enhanced Police Act Disclosure Application process, please use the paper application form for this process. Full guidance available here


Process timeline:

From recruitment to receiving your PVG certificate, we have outlined the step by step timeline of the Online PVG Application Service.

example process pic ds


Available Support: 

There are several support options for you to ensure you fully understand this new process.