VSDS November Update

30 November 2018

Below are the latest 'news and updates' from Volunteer Scotland Disclosure Services. Please ensure you continue to share our updates with all in your organisation involved in the PVG process.

New Resources

vid circleWe have created four new videos to assist you when completing your PVG application forms. The first video provides an overview of Disclosure Services and the disclosure forms. The following three videos are step by step guidance to completing each disclosure form.

These videos will:

  • enable you to complete any application form with ease
  • provide you with an update/refresher of the application process
  • be helpful to new volunteers introduced into your organisation with understanding the application process

View videos here



Have you been in your role prior to PVG?

Section E 1Application to Join PVG Scheme - Section E 1

Currently Volunteer Scotland Disclosure Services process around 200 of the 'Application to Join PVG Scheme' forms a month where section E 1 has been crossed as Yes.

Section E 1 only requires to be crossed as Yes if the applicant has been in post since before the implementation of the PVG system in February 2011 and you are a group applying for their first PVG disclosure.

Anyone who is currently in post, for example, if Person A has been in post for the last three weeks and you are submitting their PVG application today, E 1 should be crossed as No.

If Person B has been in post since June 2010 and you are only now getting round to placing Person B onto the PVG scheme then that is when E 1 would be crossed as Yes.

There is not a similar question on the Existing PVG Scheme Member form.



Coversheet circleWhy use the Coversheet? 

The coversheet is used to check that only those entitled to access disclosure information are requesting it. When we receive the coversheet, we will check that the name, codes and signature provided, match those held by us. Please ensure that you attach a coversheet to applications that you're sending to us for processing.

Download Coversheet Word Doc

Download Coversheet PDF



Do You Have A Driving Licence?

car circleSection B 28 – B 30

A Provisional driving licence is seen as being the same as having a full driving licence on the PVG Application form. If your applicant has a provisional driving licence then the number on this licence must be entered on the form.

If your applicant has a full or provisional driving licence then:

  • B 28 – YES
  • B 29 – the number from their licence starting with the first five letters of their surname or the number starting with their complete surname if they have five or fewer letters in their name (if a UK licence, licences from other countries will have a different structure but should still be entered)
  • B 30 – the country of issue of the licence.




training cricleVolunteer Scotland Disclosure Services offer training online and at our premises in Stirling. We can also deliver at a location of your choice if you can supply 6 or more attendees. These can be half day or full day sessions and can be structured in line with your requirements. We would be looking at running a session for a minimum of two hours and ask that you cover travel expenses.

If you are interested in hosting a session at a location of your choice then let us know by contacting VSDS on 01786 849777 option 3 or email disclosures@volunteerscotland.org.uk

View available training here



Underpaid Postage

postage circleYou may have received a phone call from us to say your postage was underpaid. In order for your mail to be released we pay the shortfall, which is normally £1.50 - £3.00. We ask the organisation to clear the balance before we process their application forms. The main point of the process is to bring to your attention the underpaid part but also to highlight that even though we may contact you for a small amount of money, this would soon accumulate if we didn’t ask for this back.



Disclosure Scotland

disclosure scotlandDisclosure Scotland regularly send out e-bulletins with their latest news. If you would like to be kept informed, sign up by sending your name and contact details via the button below:

Sign up here: DSWebTeam@disclosurescotland.gsi.gov.uk