July News & Updates from VSDS

31 July 2019

Below are the latest updates from Volunteer Scotland Disclosure Services (VSDS).

It is important you take the time to review what’s new and take action if required. Please filter this information throughout your organisation. This will ensure everyone involved in PVG disclosure process is kept up to date.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

PVG Disclosure Bill 

The Bill, after being introduced into parliament will go through three stages of scrutiny.

In the first stage, the Bill will be debated in Parliament. If Parliament agree with the principles of the Bill it will pass to the second stage where amendments can be made.

The final stage allows for more amendments and further debate before holding a vote. If the Bill passes, it goes for Royal Assent before becoming an Act of the Scottish Parliament. This is a lengthy process and you can track the Bill's progress on the Scottish Parliament website.

If you were unable to secure a place on one of our recent information sessions please keep an eye on our social media and Disclosure Latest section for updates.


Handling Disclosure Information

Any information you receive from VSDS regarding PVG or the Disclosure Process must be handled in accordance with the Ministerial Code of Practice at all times.

Please refresh your knowledge of this document, particularly page 14 - Handling Disclosure Information.


If you experience practice which is not in accordance with the Code of Practice we advise you to contact us as soon as possible. An example of this could be receiving a certificate with the wrong name or organisation.


Changes to Personal Circumstances

Please remember if you are filling in an existing member application form and your details have changed since completing your last PVG, you need to inform us. 

Changes to Personal Circumstances image 

You should cross B7 as YES and attach an A4 sheet of paper with the details of the change(s). 

This is important to keep your record up to date.  You can use the suggested template, available to download and print via the button.




When sending us your PVG correspondence please include your address on the back of the envelope. We have recently received empty envelopes and unfortunately without a return address, we could not alert the organisation.



We have recently added a video resources on how to complete PVG application forms.  If you are constantly getting forms returned and your finding it frustrating, please view our online videos and no longer face delays in getting your forms processed.



Phoning VSDS

phone dsWe no longer have an answering machine service for daytime calls.  We do our best to ensure we deal with your enquiry as quickly as possible so rather than be kept waiting, you may wish to search our website for guidance or resources or email us at disclosures@volunteerscotland.org.uk