ID Recommendation

23 September 2015

It is your responsibility to ensure the person completing the application form is who they say they are by checking their identification. 

The minimum identification you must check is either one document with a photograph and one document with their current home address (please note that this must be 2 separate documents) or 3 documents, 2 of which must have their current home address.  Documents confirming their home address should be issued within the last 3 months.  If you do not check sufficient identification, the application may be returned to you.

Please note that a photo driving licence cannot be accepted on its own as both photographic and current address identification. 

Listed below are examples of documents you can use to check your applicants identification.  The list is not exhaustive and there will be many other documents which you can use.

 Photographic Identification


 Photographic Driving Licence

 National Entitlement Card

 Photographic Membership Card

 Employee ID Card

 Certified Photograph

 Young Scot Card 

 Student Card


 Address Confirmation

 Utility Bill

 UK Driving Licence (photo card only as we  can no longer accept paper counterpart due  to recent changes by DVLA)

 Bank Statement

 Credit/Store Card Statements

 School Letter

 Council Letter

 Benefit Agency

 Financial Statements


If the applicant has recently changed their name and their identification has not yet been changed to their new name, you should check further documents to confirm the name on their identification and their new name.  For example, an applicant has recently married but all identification is in their maiden name, you can check the applicants marriage certificate as supplementary evidence. 

A certified photograph should be signed and dated by a responsible person (e.g. minister, teacher, line manager) who has known the applicant for a reasonable period of time.  The photograph should be accompanied by the statement “I certify that this is a true likeness of [name of applicant] residing at [enter applicants address] and has been known by me for [enter duration of time].