Disclosure Checks

15 May 2014


This month we want to highlight some resources we have provided to help individuals who are applying for a disclosure check. It’s often time-consuming and difficult for organisations that recruit volunteers to explain the process and what is involved.

Here’s one solution: point your volunteers to the For Individuals page on our website.  

Disclosure Blog

One out of every six disclosure forms which arrives at Volunteer Scotland Disclosure Services contains an error. One of our top priorities for the coming year is to reduce this error rate. As part of our efforts we have produced two short, easy-to-follow narrated video guides on how to complete forms. You can find them here.

Many people are very unclear about what happens during a disclosure check. They don’t know what to expect, are not sure what happens and don’t understand the process. We have developed an on-line presentation specifically to address this issue. You can find it here.

We are finding that many people who are members of the PVG Scheme are not even aware of the fact. Many others are very vague about the details and do not keep copies of their membership certificates. Very few are aware that the Scheme is administered by Disclosure Scotland and that members have some responsibilities, including legal ones. All of this causes problems when Scheme members move to a different organisation to do regulated work. We have written a simple one-page guide to being a Scheme member.

As always, we’d be happy to have feedback on anything we do!  Email us on disclosures@volunteerscotland.org.uk



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