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20 June 2022
Disclosures Latest, 2022, June

A new version of the Code of Practice has recently been introduced.

5 May 2022
Disclosures Latest, 2022, May

The VSDS Training and Compliance Team wanted to take some time to remind you of what it means to be compliant with the PVG code of practice.

10 December 2021
2021, Disclosures Latest, December

Due to the latest Covid-19 update from Scottish Government, Volunteer Scotland (including VSDS) will return to working from home full time from Monday 13th December.

30 November 2021
2021, Disclosures Latest, November

We want to take some time to remind you about some of the key stages and guidance of the PVG process and discuss where some of you might be going wrong.

19 November 2021
2021, Disclosures Latest, September

Anyone aged 15 and under who is in a regulated work role can currently be asked to join the PVG scheme in the same way as an adult in the same role but there is no legal requirement.

30 September 2021
News, 2021, Disclosures Latest, September

VSDS is made up of 3 customer facing teams, Enrolment and Assessment, Customer Operations and Training and Compliance. If you are new to processing PVGs or just find the whole service a little confusing, let us talk you through each of the teams you will interact with throughout your PVG process.

17 September 2021
2021, Disclosures Latest, September

We've provided some guidance and reminders for you so that your experience with the Online PVG Application Service is as quick and as smooth as possible.

2 July 2021
Disclosures Latest, 2021, July, News

Disclosure Scotland, as part of the Scotland Works for You alliance group, currently deliver training to organisations which is designed to support employers to consider their approach to fair recruitment processes for people with convictions.

17 June 2021
News, 2021, Disclosures Latest, June

Due to circumstances out with our control, VSDS are temporarily suspending the electronic certificates service.

5 May 2021
News, 2021, Disclosures Latest, May

We have listed some key points for you to review and remember when submitting your Online PVG Applications