The Waverley Sessions

15 June 2019

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15/06/2019 - 16/06/2019

About The Waverley Sessions

The Youth Radio Network is excited to announce the launch of a new series of music showcase events at Waverley Mall, with the third event kicking off this coming weekend on 15th and 16th of June 2019, in collaboration with Waverley Mall.

Waverley Mall has long had a performance space in the food court for aspiring musicians, that has been growing in popularity as a perfect space for budding artists to perform and gain valuable experience. There is a wealth of talent in and around Edinburgh and The Youth Radio Network and Waverley Mall wants to give these people a public platform on which to perform, in a location at the heart of one of the most creative cities in the world. These showcases will be running every month, in collaboration with The Youth Radio Network and Waverley Mall, becoming a regular attraction for the mall and welcoming previous and new artists to come and showcase their talent.
Waverley Mall’s collaboration with The Youth Radio Network for this new series of stage showcases has developed out of a successful showcase partnership at the end of 2018 at Waverley Mall, which formed part of Scotland’s official national events programme to celebrate Scotland’s Year of Young People 2018. The Youth Radio Network’s ethos is to Teach, Empower and Entertain young people aged 13 to 25 years old through the power of music and digital technology, with a passion for getting young people heard, so Waverley Mall is proud to be partnering with such a fantastic organisation for this showcase series.

Jacquelyn Stewart, Centre Manager, Waverley Mall says: “We have already uncovered some unbelievable talent in Edinburgh through our dedicated performance space, and this is all set to grow even further with the introduction of our monthly stage showcase. Not only does the music entertain our shoppers but it gives local talent a platform to experience performing live to a varied audience. The future for the centre is very exciting indeed and its transformation is very much underway.”

Keiran Harvey, CEO, The Youth Radio Network says: “We’re immensely excited to be welcomed back to Waverley Mall to work in collaboration with the centre on this amazing series of showcase events. We have lots of young and upcoming artists and bands from all different backgrounds coming to the stage. A massive thank you to everyone for helping bring this first showcase together. We can’t wait to work with Waverley Mall now and in the future!”

Volunteer Roles

The Youth Radio Network are looking for various voulenteers to help out at these events each month. We are looking for:

  • Social Media Helpers
  • Act Helpers
  • Singers
  • Dancers
  • Photographers
  • General Event Helpers

About The Youth Radio Network

The Youth Radio Network is a digital place where young people can easily access and develop their skills and interests. It acts as a sounding board for youth news and issues and promotes all youth organizations. The Youth Radio Network's focus is on young people, and topical issues such as Bullying, Racism, LGBT and much more. The Youth Radio Network’s vision is to empower, teach and entertain young people, aged 13 to 25 years, through the power of music and digital technology, opening doors to the broadcast industries, and to become more employable helping them to get the best start

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