JC Lindsay Scottish Junior Open

28 December 2019

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28/12/2019 - 30/12/2019

About JC Lindsay Scottish Junior Open

The JC Lindsay Scottish Junior Open is a European Squash Federation sanctioned junior circuit competition. The event is organised and delivered by Scottish Squash which is the national sports governing body for the sport of squash in Scotland.

The competition runs from Saturday 28th - Monday 30th December 2019 between Oriam at Heriot-Watt University and Edinburgh Sports Club. The event tends to attract approximately 200 competitors plus their families and coaches from all around the world. Competitors will compete across the three days in age groups split into boys and girls under 11/13/15/17/19.

Volunteer Roles

Event Transport Driver
The event transport drivers are responsible for the planning and delivery of transport services. Volunteers will help in the transport operations and delivery to provide welcome services at airports and train stations as well as between venues. The aim is to help and support the competitors by delivering a high-level transportation service.

The event transport team will be responsible for providing transportation on a regular basis between the two competition venues and official event hotel during the competition days. In addition, a pick-up/drop-off service may be required prior to and post the competition.

About Scottish Squash

Scottish Squash is the officially recognised national governing body by sportscotland for the sport of squash in Scotland.

As the national governing body, we're committed to growing the sport at all levels by supporting the development of the game and also enhancing the performance of world leading squash players from Scotland.

As a company we aim to raise the profile of squash and the public awareness of the health and fitness benefits associated with the sport. We are constantly working to enhance the squash experience for players, coaches, officials and volunteers to keep players playing while supporting Scottish players to enable them to be the best they wish to be.

This allows us to work towards our vision of squash becoming a sport for health.

Scottish Squash highlight four values which we believe we work to across all our departments, programmes and initiatives and if you are enthusiastic about the same set of values we'd be delighted to hear from you. 

  1. Inclusivity & diversity
  2. Person centred empowerment
  3. Collaboration
  4. Being the best you wish to be 

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