FAQs about posting your event

  • What kinds of events are posted?

    Anything can be posted from Street collections to festivals.  As long as volunteers are required to help with the running of the event. The only exceptions are Information/Taster sessions, which are focussed on promoting your volunteering opportunities to potential volunteers.

    There also has to be a specific start and end date and venue(s) for the event.

  • Who can advertise events?

    Anyone can advertise.  As long as your event is based in Scotland and there is a specific person/email address responsible for applications.

  • How much does it cost?

    Nothing! This is a free service.  All we want to do is put you in touch with event volunteers.

  • How long can my event be published for

    We can have your event on the website for max of six months at a time. If you are still looking for volunteers by the end of the 6 months we can review the listing.

  • How much notice do I need to give before my event?

    10 days are required prior to your volunteer application deadline date for publishing your event. 

  • Can I advertise events that take place out with Scotland?

    No as all opportunities for volunteers on our website must be based in Scotland.

  • Will my event appear on other websites?

    We only upload your event to our own Event List, however individuals or organisation may choose to share your event.

  • How do volunteers apply?

    Volunteers will click the ‘I want to volunteer!’ button on your event page and will be prompted to email you their interest in volunteering.
    The button is linked to the main contact email address that you provide us on the form. (So please ensure it is a regularly checked mailbox)

  • How do I add my event?

    Complete our online form here.