Dogs Trust Glasgow Fun Day

7 June 2020

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Our Fun Day attracts over 2,500 each year. Attractions on the day include fun dog show, have a go agility, doggy games, raffles, tombolas, game stalls and much more.

Volunteer Roles

  • Set up - assisting with the set up of the event (8-11.30am). Marking out dog show ring and other game areas, setting up stalls and putting out signage.
  • Entrance - taking entry fee from the public at the entrance, handing out programmes.
  • Dog Show - taking entry fee for dog show, directing participants in and around the show ring, handing out prizes.
  • Doggy games - this includes doggy dash (time the dog running from one end of the arena to the other) and have a go agility. Taking entry fee, giving prizes, completing certificates for winners. You will be working alongside a member of our team.
  • Raffles/Tombolas/Games - running one of our fundraising stalls with fellow volunteers.

About Dogs Trust Glasgow

Dogs Trust is the UK's largest dog welfare organisation Last year Dogs Trust cared for over 15,000 dogs at our network of 20 Rehoming Centre. Dogs Trust is working towards the day when all dogs can live a happy life free from the threat of unnecessary destruction.
Dogs Trust Glasgow opened it's doors in October 2006 and since then has rehomed over 11,000 dogs. As well as rehoming we also offer training classes for dogs, have on going neutering and microchipping campaigns, education programme and a free Canine Care Card service which ensures Dogs Trust will be there to care for an owners dog if the owner were to pass away or no long be able to care for the dog.

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