Beltane Fire Festival

30 April 2019

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About Beltane Fire Festival

Beltane Fire Festival brings ancient Celtic traditions to life with a unique modern twist. Our alternative May Day celebration welcomes summer by introducing old folklore to modern audiences with an immersive performance that attracts witnesses from all over the world. Through dazzling fiery displays, elaborate costumes, and interactive storytelling, we show the May Queen transforming the Green Man from his wintry guise so they can rule together over the warmer months.

Volunteer Roles


Our Stewards help to provide a safe space for our talented performers and act as the friendly face of our event, creating good relationships with our witnesses throughout the night and sharing the story and ritual of Beltane. At the event you will ensure that members of the public do not enter performance spaces (and keep them a safe distance from any fire), be a welcoming point of information for any audience members with a question, and generally keep an eye out to make sure our volunteers are safe while performing.

Practices are every Sunday from 27th March between 1pm and 3pm. You can join at any point between then and the final event walkthrough on 28th April, though the more practices you attend the better. Our practices will cover fire safety and crowd management so you can volunteer at the event with confidence. 

About Beltane Fire Society

Beltane Fire Society is a volunteer-run organisation created to introduce the public to Scotland's ancient Celtic traditions of pageantry and street performance, share traditional folklore from festivals throughout the old Celtic calendar, and advance the performing arts by developing skills on a grassroots level. We throw two fire festivals a year in Edinburgh - Beltane Fire Festival and Samhuinn Fire Festival.

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