Volunteering and coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our aim is to provide clear and accurate information that will help volunteers and volunteer involving organisations during coronavirus.

Whether it's practical or emotional support, there are lots of ways you can volunteer to help. For some that may be right now in helping to manage the crisis, for others there will be roles in the weeks and months to come.

Be a coronavirus volunteer

Our aim is to support these developments by providing both organisations and members of the public wishing to volunteer with safe and practical advice and guidance; our main task is to minimise the spread of coronavirus and keep volunteers safe.

Contact us via email on covid19@volunteerscotland.org.uk if you have any further questions.

Volunteer Scotland is working closely with the third and public sector to support a joined-up response to COVID-19. Here's some advice on how you can volunteer.

Practical guidance to minimise the impact of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) on the health and wellbeing of volunteers (as well as those they volunteer for and with).

For organisations who wish to recruit in response to COVID-19. Here's how you can advertise.

We have provided practical guidance for organisations managing volunteers during Coronavirus (Covid-19).

Volunteer Scotland service information and advice for visitors. Including training availability and general advice and support.

Volunteer Scotland Disclosure Services provide forms to apply for urgent disclosures in priority sectors. We've also compiled a list of Coronavirus related FAQs.

Good news stories on Scotland's inspiring volunteers.

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