Volunteering and coronavirus (COVID-19)

Here we provide clear and accurate information for volunteers and organisations during coronavirus.

Email covid19@volunteerscotland.org.uk if you've any further questions. Also, check out Radio V where for 12 weeks during lockdown we answered your questions and volunteers shared their stories.

Volunteer Scotland is working closely with the third and public sector to support a joined-up response to COVID-19. Here's some advice on how you can volunteer.

Practical guidance to minimise the impact of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) on the health and wellbeing of volunteers (as well as those they volunteer for and with).

We have provided practical guidance for organisations managing volunteers during Coronavirus (Covid-19).

We’ve been tracking and analysing evidence on volunteering since lockdown. Also, check out our mapping of research and media coverage.

Volunteer Scotland Disclosure Services provide forms to apply for urgent disclosures in priority sectors.

Read our Covid-19 News items relating to both Volunteers and Organisations.

Our Covid-19 related blog posts provide our views on all things volunteering at this time.