Volunteering for All Playbook

We share the ambition of a Scotland where everyone can volunteer, more often and throughout our lives. Now we must meet this challenge within the context of the COVID-19 crisis.

Volunteering for All Playbook 2019 - 2022 

Our 3-year ‘Playbook’ sets out our mission, strategy and tactics aimed at achieving ‘Volunteering for All’; the vision from the Scottish Government’s National Volunteering Framework. 

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Volunteering for All Playbook 2020 - 2021

Here we’ve detailed 2020-2021 activities and addressed the objective to ‘support the government and communities in responding to Covid-19’.

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We will work collaboratively to get things done. We have a passion for achieving a more inclusive ‘volunteering’ Scotland where it is the norm for anyone to give time for community good. In particular, our activities are aimed at those most disadvantaged and excluded in our society – who typically have low volunteering participation but the most to gain through volunteering.