The Evidence Sessions

In October 2021 Volunteer Scotland’s Board of Directors, members and stakeholders came together to discuss 'Volunteering is Changing, are you listening?'

‘Expos’ are about working together with sector leaders, VIOs, volunteers and the Scottish Government to share research and insight on key issues affecting volunteering.

In October 2020 an invitation was made by Volunteer Scotland’s Board of Directors to members and stakeholders to the last of the Volunteering for All Mini Expo sessions of 2020.

June 2020: ‘Expos’ are about working together with sector leaders and volunteers to share research and insight to the changes and issues; it’s about working together to support each other.

February 2020: The Volunteering for All ‘Evidence Sessions’ examined volunteering’s relationship with community and investigated how we can work together to create a community-centred future for volunteering that’s both inclusive and sustainable.