Our Work, Activities and Roles

We believe that volunteering should be an enjoyable, rewarding and fulfilling experience for every volunteer

VS Our Work Programme 2021

Our mission is for 'more people volunteering: enjoyably, safely and regularly'. Our wide-ranging activities support the following outcomes:

  • Inclusive volunteering: There are diverse, quality, and inclusive opportunities for everyone to get involved.
  • Recognition and celebration: There is an environment and culture which celebrates volunteers and volunteering and all of its benefits.
  • Community development: The places and spaces where we volunteer are developed, supported, and sustained.
  • Policy impact: Volunteering in all of its forms is integrated and recognised in our lives and through local and national policy.
  • Lifelong engagement: Volunteering participation is valued, supported, and enabled from the earliest possible age and throughout life.

We provide 5 key roles in relation to volunteer development:

  1. Voice and advocacy
  2. Leadership and Collaboration
  3. Experience and Standards
  4. Evidence and Knowledge Exchange
  5. Safeguarding

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