Scotland's Volunteer Stories


June Osbourne

CommUnity Bubble Volunteer, Volunteer Scotland CommUnity Bubble

June is originally from Glasgow but has lived in Alva in Clackmannanshire for the last 16 years. When she is not volunteering she works full time for a large Scottish young person’s charity where she helps to empower young people and to achieve their goals. She volunteers as Chair for the Scottish Board of the Amuka Foundation and she has also been helping Volunteer Scotland with their CommUnity Bubble project

“I’ve learnt many new skills through my volunteering and met some amazing people. It has helped me be a better person and to treat everyone fairly. I’ve learnt some new talents and have been able to share my experiences both in my professional life and my day-to-day life.“  

“The benefits I’ve received from volunteering are helping others to achieve their potential, making a difference in the community I live in as well as    helping children and young people in Africa. It also helps me to stay healthy and keep active as working with young people is very fulfilling.“

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Mauro Renna

CommUnity Bubble Volunteer, Volunteer Scotland CommUnity Bubble

Mauro is originally from the sunny South of Italy. Since coming to Scotland to study in 2016, he decided to make this his permanent home. Mauro’s main volunteer engagement has been with the CommUnity Bubble project which encourages people to get to know each other and to work together to improve their area or to solve any community problems they may have.

He has volunteered to do both admin tasks and help run events in different communities. The events have been his favourite part as they have enabled him to meet local people from different areas and listen to their stories and aspirations.

“Having finished my studies, I was looking for ways to best use my time whilst looking for employment and I thought volunteering would be a great way to put my skills and experience to good use, whilst also providing me with the opportunity to learn more about the different communities in Scotland. I thought this was a great way for me to contribute to the important cause of rebuilding communities whilst at the same time allowing me to meet new people.”


Cameron Robertson 

CommUnity Bubble Volunteer, Volunteer Scotland CommUnity Bubble

Cameron is from Tillicoultry and has been volunteering with the CommUnity Bubble project for a number of months, carrying out administration tasks and helping to run events in different communities. He has also set up a community group in his neighbourhood of Chapelle Crescent in Tillicoultry to bring people together and to tackle some of the local issues affecting the area, something he is really proud of.  
“I’ve always had a real love of working with people and I’m always happy to help and support community activities.”

"About 7 years ago I completed an HNC in Working with Communities, which provided me with the theory behind community engagement. The CommUnity Bubble project provided me with an opportunity to put this theory into practice and to be involved in the type of work that I really enjoy."


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