Belgium's Volunteer Stories


Crystal Furuya

Serve the City (Brussels)

Crystal _Furuya _Portrait"I volunteer because I value the principle of giving back more than I receive. I believe that as much as it can help a community, volunteering can also help us help ourselves."

“Volunteering has helped me get out of my comfort zone and changed my view on my self-worth. I have the time to volunteer, plus it costs me nothing to be kind, but can be priceless to the recipient. I get to meet awesome people from diverse backgrounds; when volunteering; we are all working towards a common goal."


David Anderson

Serve the City (Brussels)

David _Anderson _PortraitDavid started volunteering after hearing about and seeing refugees on the streets and in the train stations In Brussels. He volunteers with Serve the City on a project to provide breakfast at Park Maximillian several times per week.  He also volunteers at the Rafael Center, the Haren Refugee Center and helps coordinate a mobile library for the homeless.

"I find joy in serving others and interacting with them on a personal level especially the most vulnerable in our city. In the past I tried to find joy by taking care of my own needs and pursuing pleasure and entertainment. I have found true joy is achievable by taking my focus off myself and focusing on helping others."


Katarina Yordanova

Serve the City (Brussels)

Katarina _Yordanova _PortraitKatarina started volunteering because she felt the need to help others. She volunteered with a number of organizations and was involved in numerous causes such as assisting asylum seekers, orphans and homeless people.

"My aim has always been to make a small difference for at least one person. I found out that volunteering helps me become a stronger person and fight my own demons. I strongly believe it’s part of human nature to help each other and even if you need help yourself, helping others still makes you feel better."


Sara Tchaparian

Serve the City (Brussels)

Sara _Tchaparian _PortraitSara was new to Brussels and had some time on her hands in between job hunting so she contacted Serve The City.  She volunteered at several projects including Haren Centre, Breakfast for Refugees, Rafael Centre and Foyer Selah.

"Volunteering has given me the opportunity to meet people I wouldn’t normally meet, and I have encountered some very inspiring people along the way, children and adults alike.  Volunteering is certainly a very unique and rewarding experience."