Volunteer fable for today?

20 July 2016

This story caught my eye. It takes the subject of litter to a new level, what with a volunteer having a refuse lorry named after him - for services rendered!

What _caughtmy _eye _150x 150A psychologist reports that when we have a "group effect" 80-90% of us follow and together we'll prevent litter. We need to feel re assured that our safety is not threatened and that there's practical support.
Is this a fable for volunteering more generally? If we ask the question "why don’t we just look after vulnerable folk?" then whilst I'm risking comparing litter to human beings- perhaps there's important clues in the litter story. That we have to create new norms, create a "group effect" and organise ourselves to ensure no one individual feels left to do it all on their own, and is part of a support network. The unsung hero no more and more of how we build community together around common cause.

Read the full article 'Rubbish job: Why don't we just pick up litter?' here www.bbc.co.uk

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