The Gaiety Theatre Volunteers

27 October 2015

A remarkable story of a community combining to give the kiss of life to a closed theatre.


I was in Ayr last week, having been invited to the volunteer run Gaiety Theatre. I was shown the ropes (literally as well, as you’ll see in the photo) by Jeremy Wyatt and his team. I loved the way that nearly 200 volunteers worked so closely with a small staff and incredibly good restaurant to deliver both a top class programme and a community based one too.

The ‘ask’ for volunteers is a mix of different kinds of support and help and we’ll be helping build on the success as well.


For me, the Gaiety is a great example of how we can find growth in volunteer participation and the feel good factor. One element of this is that the volunteers are connecting to the heritage of a theatre and its importance at the heart of a place. Even my brief tour backstage and seeing the set up is an unforgettable memory for me, and I can imagine that the Gaiety volunteers (choir included) will have loads of stories to tell. More to follow I’m sure.