The Coastline

19 October 2015

Did you know Scotland has 12,000 coastal sites of heritage significance...


...and there’s an exceptional volunteer programme called SCAPE under the auspices of St Andrew’s University that researches, conserves and promotes the archaeology of Scotland's coast.
It’s a shorewatch project with over 1,000 volunteers who use the excellent app called shore update (Apple & Android).

Shore Update

Teams of volunteers are out there surveying, undertaking beach digs and local projects and with only a small team of professionals guiding and supporting them.

As Volunteer Scotland looks at inspirations for finding growth in volunteer participation and the well being positive impacts, SCAPE provides a unique and insightful approach that we can all learn from.

I’m reminded about the great team of volunteer archivists that support the 2 professional archivists in Stirling Council and our discovery that staff feel so highly motivated when their passion is shared and contributed to with volunteers. Far from this being a displacement activity it’s a mutually supportive environment that can have a profoundly positive impact on staff too.

Something I must return to in future.